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Recently, I watched one of the rarest videos of Ernest Gellner, particularly his conference talk at Cambridge in 1977, where he shared his views on evolutionism, functionalism, social change and antique models of state foundation. I think it worth to spend around 20 minutes to listen and watch to the Great Polymath.

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by Meerim Maturaimova

Today Russia has won the fight to host 2018 World Cup, and it is the main topic for discussion in Russian forums. Even the president of the state Dmitrii Medvedev, whose posts in his Twitter account are usually very official, simply posted today: “Hurray! Victory!” (http://twitter.com/MedvedevRussia). Russian channels did not take long to release the official promo video which brought them this victory.

The video shows different Russian landscapes, cities, villlages and even deserts – meaning how big Russia is, and depicts Russians as a nation totally keen on football. An elderly woman, ballet dancer and even people living in a desert area – all of them do play football and demonstrate their skills at the very high level. Reminded me of Anderson’s ‘imagined communities’. Which theory or theorist does it remind you?

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