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ASEN and Nations & Nationalism have established an essay Prize in honour of the memory of Dominique Jacquin-Berdal who was a devoted member of ASEN and an Editor of Nations & Nationalism.

The essay Prize has been established to encourage young scholars to publish original research in ethnicity and nationalism. Submissions are invited on all areas and themes in the field of nationalism studies.

The prize will be awarded for the best article submitted. The winning article will be announced at the 27th annual ASEN Conference, March 2017.

The prize will include a sum of £250 and 2 years’ free membership of ASEN, and may lead to publication of the article in Nations & Nationalism.

Submissions may be made by currently enrolled post-graduate students and those who have submitted their thesis within five years of the submission deadline. The final date for submissions for the 2017 prize award is 30 November 2016.

Submission procedure:

All submissions and correspondence should be made to the Managing Editor of Nations & Nationalism. Submissions must be accompanied by an official letter from the author’s supervisor confirming status and eligibility.

An author may only submit one article for consideration for the prize. Co-authored articles will not be considered. The Prize Committee reserves the right not to award a prize in any given year.

Articles must be submitted in English and in the Nations & Nationalism house style (‘Harvard’ system). Please refer to the Guidelines for Contributors http://www.lse.ac.uk/researchAndExpertise/units/ASEN/NnN/Guidelines_for_Contributors.aspx
FULL INFO: http://asen.ac.uk/awards/essay-prize/

Previous Winners:



Simon Halink

“Noble Heathens: Jón Jónsson Aðils and the Problem of Iceland’s Pagan Past”

Issue to be confirmed



Richard Warren

“Charles Gleyre’s ‘Les Romains’: Classics and nationalism in Swiss art”

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol 22 Issue 2

Martin Beckstein
“Nation Building in Contemporary Germany: The Strange Conversion of Hitler’s ‘Word Made of Stone’”
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 19 Issue 4

Fiona Rose Greenland
“The Parthenon Marbles as Icons of Nationalism”
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 19 Issue 4

David Pettinicchio
“Migration and Ethnic Nationalism: Anglophone Exit and the ‘Decolonization’ of Québec”
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol.19 Issue 1

Marc Scully
“The tyranny of transnational discourse: ‘Authenticity’ and Irish diasporic identity in Ireland and England”.
Published in Nations and Nationalism Vol. 18 Issue 2

Mariana Kriel
“Culture and power: The rise of Afrikaner nationalism revisited”.
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 16 Issue 3

Robert Schertzer
“Recognition or Imposition? Federalism, National Minorities, and the Supreme Court of Canada”.
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 14 Issue 1

Jonathan Fox
“From national inclusion to economic exclusion: ethnic Hungarian migration and the redefinition of the nation”
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Volume 13 Issue 1

Erol Ulker
“Contextualising ‘Turkification’: Nation-building in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1908-1918”
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Volume 11 Issue 4

Takeshi Nakano
“Theorising Economic Nationalism”
Published in Nations and Nationalism, Volume 10 Issue 3


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NeRe-la une-7-2016

Details here

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Nazioni e Regioni, Call for papers 9/2017

The deadline for the delivery of the articles and book files to be published in the “Studies” section of the seventh issue of “Nazioni e Regioni” (June 2017) is the 31 January, 2017. As regards the texts for the “Reviews and debates” and “Bibliographical notes” sections, the deadline for their delivery is 15 April 2017.

The journal accepts contributions that analyze theoretical questions related to nationalism and regionalism, enquiries on the current situation of the study of specific cases, researches on concrete aspects of national construction analyzed from different scientific angles. Apart from Italian, the journal will accept contributions also in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Catalan. The submitted articles will go through an anonymous peer review procedure and, if accepted, will be translated into Italian by the editors.
The contributions must follow the editorial guidelines of the journal:
e-mail: nazionieregioni@gmail.com

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The second volume of Studies on National Movements has been published. The highlight of this volume is a series of eight articles analysing Welsh and Catalan nationalism. There is also a review article on cultural nationalism and a debate on the pre-modernity of nations and nationalism.


The contributions on Catalan and Welsh nationalism originate from a double seminar at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and Swansea University in 2013-2014. Subject of these meetings was the shared fight of the Welsh and Catalan national movements against their relative invisibility: notions of ‘Britishness’ and ‘Hispanidad/Hispanismo’ were at least for over a century pervasive, overshadowing alternative identities.

After an introduction by Syd Morgan and Enric Ucelay-Da Cal, the articles explore several aspects of the central theme. The origins of national identity, the road to self-consciousness and geography and identity are among the perspectives assuring a valuable contribution to comparative history. Moreover, this volume of SNM is at the same time a fundamentally interdisciplinary project, with articles written by historians, political and literary scientists alike.

Other contributions in this volume of SNM are equally interesting. The first contribution of State of Nationalism, a bibliographical project supported by NISE and the University of East London, is a review article of cultural nationalism, the type of nationalism focusing on the cultivation of a nation. Another novelty in SNM is the ‘Roundtables & Interviews’ section, offering a debate between Caspar Hirschi and Joep Leerssen (with a contribution by Stephen Grosby) on The origins of nationalism, Hirschi’s 2012 study that caused quite a stir among nationalism scholars.

Free access to all SNM contributions can be found on the journal’s website.


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The second contribution in the State of Nationalism (SoN) has been published. In this latest article, Dr Gayle Munro (University College London) explores the theme of transnationalism. A list of more than one hundred annotated references is included with this review article that evaluates the key works on this important topic.


Transnationalism is a concept that originated largely in migration studies but has since gained widespread attention and sparked considerable debate. In her piece, Munro traces the development of the literature on transnationalism, exploring its economic, political, cultural and social dimensions. The overview of the various definitions of the concept, and engagement with the debates about its usefulness and innovation, will be of considerable value to both scholars and students. Most notably, Munro discusses the curious lack of engagement with theories of nationalism in the transnationalism literature, which indicates there is considerable potential for future studies to explore the intersections between nationalism and transnationalism.

Both the article and the annotated bibliography can be found at the SoN website: http://stateofnationalism.eu/

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With the May 2016 Holyrood election approaching, and the opinion polls pointing towards a third consecutive Scottish National Party (SNP) government, now is a good time to reflect on the imprint which the party has left on Scotland. This special issue of Scottish Affairs does just that, by looking at the SNP’s record in government since 2007.

The journal considers the following questions:

How has the SNP approached government?

What have the SNP’s priorities been in government?

How successful has the SNP been in government?

Free featured article
‘The Economy and the Constitution under the SNP, 2007–2016’ by Daniel Kenealy

Browse issue >


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Disponibile on-line in versione PDF il sesto numero di Nazioni e Regioni, la rivista di studi e ricerche sulla comunità immaginata editata da Caratteri Mobili e patrocinata dai Dipartimenti di Scienze Politiche e DISUM dell’Università degli Studi di Bari.

Questo numero era in corso di ultimazione quando abbiamo appreso dell’improvvisa scomparsa di Benedict Anderson, studioso di origine anglo-irlandese e specialista del SudEst asiatico, ma soprattutto autore di Comunità immaginate, saggio che ha aperto una nuova era nello studio dei nazionalismi e che è stato la principale fonte di ispirazione per il lavoro di tutti i membri della redazione di Nazioni e regioni – Studi e ricerche sulla comunità immaginata, tanto da essere citato nel sottotitolo della rivista. Non è esagerato dire che se non fosse stato per gli spazi di ricerca aperti dalle sue intuizioni teoriche molti/e di noi non avrebbero mai intrapreso questo campo di studi. Il suo impegno politico e la sua statura intellettuale sono e saranno sempre per noi un esempio. Alla sua memoria dedichiamo quindi il presente numero.

In questo numero:


•Alessandro Celi, Una crisi internazionale. L’annessionismo valdostano tra censure, rimozioni e nuove ipotesi di ricerca

•Arnau Gonzàlez i Vilalta, “L’indipendenza è un mezzo, non un fine”. Il consolidamento dell’indipendentismo catalano giovanile di sinistra: la JERC (1994-2015)

•Tudi Kernalegenn, I numeri del regionalismo: oggettivazione, immaginazione e cognizione

•Miguel Ángel del Río Morillas, Acción Regional e López Rodó: il “regionalismo bien entendido” di Alianza Popular (1976-1977)


•Stefan Berger, Dalle isole inglesi alla storia di quattro nazioni. Una prospettiva comparata sulla storiografia nazionale in Gran Bretagna

Rassegne e Dibattiti

•Jorge Cagiao y Conde, Il futuro politico della Catalogna (a proposito di un recente volume a cura di Laura Cappuccio e Gennaro Ferraiuolo)

Note biografiche sugli autori

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