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Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Political Science (SISP)

Torino, 6-8 September 2018

Panel 10.4 Regionalist and pro-independence phenomena in Europe. Organizational, discursive and ideological transformations

Chairs: Dr. Adriano Cirulli and Dr. Carlo Pala

Discussant: Prof. Michel Huysseune

One of the phenomena that characterizes socio-political reality in contemporary Europe is the re-emergence of centre-periphery conflicts in several states of the Old Continent. These conflicts are not limited to the ones that have drawn large media attention, such as the ones in Scotland and Catalonia, and in a lesser measure Corsica. State-of-the art-analyses of these conflicts reveal that they take place and evolve with different modalities, practices and contents in a variety of contexts.

This plural and differentiated nature of contemporary secessionist and pro-independence movements in Europe, in the so-called “nations without states”, should be interpreted within the more general context of crisis and redefinition of the process of European integration, and the new challenges the heterogeneous family of ethno-regionalist parties are facing. This panel proposes to focus on the transformations that pro-independence and secessionist parties and movements are undergoing, compared with previous periods and configurations.

We welcome theoretical or empirical contributions, including comparative ones, that describe and analyse some key features of the present ethno-regional and independentist revival, including:

– Discursive, strategic and/or organizational transformations of ethno-regionalist parties as a consequence of the diffusion of an explicit pro-independence option

– The relations between political parties and social movements in the articulation of pro-independence mobilizations

– The dynamics and outcomes of electoral competitions, including referenda on independence, or on the constitutional status of regions/stateless nations

– The modification or preservation of the nationalist/regionalist ideological framework in various contexts, within an ethno-symbolic and/or modernist explanatory framework

– Attitudes towards the European political space, understood as an institutional space where ethno-regionalist parties and movements may undertake strategic action to promote regionalism/independence, or as electoral arena. In a broader perspective, the way ideas of European integration and European identity are integrated in the political discourse of ethnoterritorial political organizations.

Please submit your paper proposal by 20 May 2018 through the following link: http://www.sisp.it/convegno2018/

Accepted papers can be submitted and discussed in Italian, English, French, Spanish, and will be evaluated for publication on the Italian journal Nazioni e Regioni – Studi e ricerche sulla comunità immaginata (http://www.nazionieregioni.it/)


Procedure to submit an abstract (max 2,500 characters):

1. you have to register to MySISP (http://www.sisp.it/register) to create a “private area” for managing all your submissions (registration to MySISP is free and it does not include SISP membership)

2. once you logged in, click on “CONVEGNO 2018”: you’ll be redirected to your private area for the 2018 conference

3. click on “submit a paper/abstract” and fill in the form (select the right section and panel in order to submit your proposal).

Please note that no paper proposal will be accepted after the deadline. Also, note that all conference participants can present up to 2 papers, but not in the same panel.

You can find a brief guide in English on the official SISP webpage: https://www.sisp.it/annual_conference_brief_eng

Do not hesitate to contact the two Panel Chairs for any further clarification and information: Adriano Cirulli (a.cirulli@uninettunouniversity.net), Dr. Carlo Pala (carlopala@uniss.it)

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