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(Deadline: April 25, 2014!)


The 2nd Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence (NRVSS 2014) will be organized between June 23 and July 4, 2014 at the Charles University in Prague by Charles University in Prague and International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki, supported by the London School of Economics – LSEE and PRIO. The language of communication will be English.

The Summer Seminar will focus on four topics: (1) Violence and Genocide; (2) Nationalism and Religion; (3) Institutions and Politics; (4) Memory. The seminar can be taken by both undergraduate and (post)graduate students as well as activists. It is led by international researchers from universities such as Oxford, NYU or LSE targeting on Political Science, History, Anthropology, International Relations, International Law and other related disciplines. Fieldwork in memorial sites, research centers and international institutions based in Prague will also be included.


Participation fees & discounts:


The tuition fees cost 750 Euros

  • Early Birds Fellowship
  • Development Support Fellowship
  • Academic Excellence Fellowship


For more information visit:


Web site: http://nrvsschool.fsv.cuni.cz/


Program Coordinator: Jiří Kocian

Contact: nrvsschool@fsv.cuni.cz

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On 31 March 2014, the CITSEE project will be five years old. Since 1 April 2009 we have been researching citizenship laws and policies in the new states of South East Europe (former Yugoslavia) in the light of the ongoing processes of Europeanisation in the region. We have been putting the results of our research online on our websites: http://www.citsee.ed.ac.uk and http://www.citsee.eu. During the last three years, we’ve paid particular attention to disseminating our research in accessible ways, developing our web magazine, Citizenship in South East Europe (www.citsee.eu) which includes interviews, stories, studies, blogs, animations and videos.
In the last few months we have been embarked on a very exciting project to offer our researchers and collaborators new ways of disseminating their research through short documentary films. At a special event to mark CITSEE’s 5th birthday, we will be showing these films, bringing together friends and colleagues who have supported CITSEE in order to thank them for the work they have done and to show them some results from our research. The event will celebrate the ‘Varieties of citizenship in South East Europe’. After the films, we hope you will join us at a drinks reception.
The events will take place in Old College, South Bridge, starting with a film screening in lecture theatre 175, at 5.30p.m, and a drinks reception in the Lorimer Room at 6.30 p.m.
Either email annie.mcgeechan@ed.ac.uk or telephone +44 (0) 131 650 8183 to let us know if you are able to attend the film screening and reception.


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REMINDER: Registration for ASEN Conference 2014

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2014 conference, “Nationalism and Belonging” is now open on our website. The conference will be held 1-3 April 2014 at the London School of Economics and will feature 6 keynote speakers, 3 workshops and over 90 papers across 30 panels. Please register at: http://tinyurl.com/ASEN2014registration

Keynote speakers: Gregory Jusdanis, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Sheila Croucher, Alain Dieckhoff, Bo Stråth, William Callahan

1. Bordering, Belonging and the Politics of Belonging with Nira Yuval-Davis, Kathryn Cassidy, Jamie Hakim and Georgie Wemyss
2. Belonging: Solidarity and Division in Modern Societies with Montserrat Guibernau
3. National Belonging in the Age of Super-Diversity with Marco Antonsich

This exciting programme is supplemented by an exhibition, lunch and dinner receptions, and numerous publisher displays. Register now for the conference and conference dinner on our website: http://tinyurl.com/ASEN2014registration

We look forward to seeing you at the ASEN 2014 conference and please don’t hesitate to contact us at asen.conference2014@lse.ac.uk if you have any questions.

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Everyday Nationhood: A One-Day Symposium to Examine the Contribution of Michael Billig’s Study of Banal Nationalism

Monday 8th September 2014, London School of Economics & Political Science

Organised by the Association for the Study of Ethnicity & Nationalism (ASEN) and the School of Political, Social & International Studies, University of East Anglia

Published in 1995, Michael Billig’s Banal Nationalism is the fourth most cited text on nationalism and arguably the most influential book on the topic in the last two decades. Focusing on contemporary and everyday expressions of nationhood, the study marked a profound shift away from previous attempts to map the transformation to an era of nations and the association of nationalism with political violence, civil conflict and extremist movements.

Billig’s arguments have been picked up by scholars working in an impressive range of disciplines as part of the recent turn to the ‘everyday’, and the term ‘banal’ has come to form a short hand for the study of the ways in which particular representations, forms of social organisation and cultural practice become normalised and taken-for-granted.

This one-day symposium will look to assess the contribution of the Banal Nationalism thesis, examine its application across disciplines and settings, and ask where studies of nation, social identities and everyday life might be headed over the next two decades. The event will feature a keynote address by Professor Craig Calhoun (Director of the LSE) one of the leading theorists of nationalism, cosmopolitanism and social identity in the contemporary era.

We welcome proposals for 20 minute papers from both established scholars and PGR students, in any discipline, addressing: theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of everyday nationhood / social identities, empirical studies of the phenomenon, the application of Billig’s arguments to non-national frameworks as well as critiques of the Banal Nationalism thesis.

Please send a 250-300 words proposal to Michael Skey (m.skey@uea.ac.uk) by Friday 13th June 2014.
Those applying can expect written confirmation by Friday 4th July 2014. It is anticipated that a selection of papers relating to the symposium will form part of a special edition of a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

The cost of attending the symposium, which will cover lunch and refreshments on the day, will be £15.


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This April will mark the 20th year ‘anniversary’ of the Rwandan genocide, and it is currently extremely interesting to see how this event is being remembered and talked about by the government, media and local population.

The New Times, a Rwandan newspaper, is an interesting media to follow regarding official discourses of the genocide, such as today’s article,  ‘Culture in Re-inventing Rwandan’s True Identity’, which not only discusses the nation-building efforts in Rwanda, but is also a good example of the official ideology of the genocide.


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The next ENNIN presentation will take place on Tuesday the 25th of March at 16.30 in pod 3 of the CMB. The presentation will be given by Eirik Fuglestad, and is entitled:

“The inception of nationalism and its entry into the world: the dialectics of property, people and sovereignty”   

The presentation will discuss how nationalism developed and revolved in America from the 1760`s to the 1790`s around the concept of Lockean private property. The first part of the presentation will look at how the notions of Lockean property became interwoven in a historical narrative and tied up to the notion of a sovereign people. A second part will look how this historical vision was turned into political reality in the form of an American nation state. A third part will discuss briefly the nature of historical documentary research. I look forward to getting your comments on the these things.

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