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The Working Group on “State-Building Nationalism in Multinational Democracies” within the XIII Congress by the Spanish Association of Political Science and Administration (AECPA) to be held in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (Spain), between 20th and 22nd September 2017, is now accepting paper proposals.


To many authors, dual identities are the key factor guarantying stability in multinational democracies. This, however, depends on the existence of leaders who willfully choose to accommodate instead of polarize these dual identities. In these multinational contexts, however, the politicization of identities has traditionally become the basis of peripheral nationalisms and their demands regarding self-government, self-determination and even political independence.

This Working Group will focus on the behavior of state-wide political actors within multinational democracies characterized by the politicization of identities and increasing demands by peripheral nationalisms. Possible research questions include: How do state-wide political parties answer the demands of the peripheral nationalisms? Do they explicitly try to maintain the unity, stability and continuity of the state, or do they limit themselves to banal nationalist practices? Do they apply restraining measures o do they accommodate peripheral nationalisms? Do they mainly use reactive or proactive strategies? How do current state-building nationalisms try to build/strengthen national identity and loyalty to the state in the face of the peripheral nationalist challenges? What are the consequences of the different strategies employed?

This Working Group is open to theoretical as well as empirical studies. Case studies, focusing either in Spain or any other multinational democracy, as well as comparative papers are equally welcome. Paper in both Spanish or English will be accepted.

Proposals for the Working Group “State-Building Nationalism in Multinational Democracies” should be received before March 22th 2017, and should be submitted through the Congress webpage. Please contact the chair, Antonia Ruiz (amruiz@upo.es), if you need help or have any doubt.

A reminder: if you do not have an AECPA account you must register first. You may do so as a user (needed to be able to submit proposal) or an associated member (paying the corresponding fees). Use this link to register:


After registering you can login to your account and send a paper proposal. Use this link to send a proposal:


Select the group you want to submit to, in this case GT 2.6. Nacionalismo estatal en democracias plurinacionales.

Looking forward to your papers…!

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