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This is just a reminder about the postgraduate workshop which the MCRG is co-hosting on 5 May. The theme of the workshop is ‘The Mediterranean in Motion’ and we look forward to welcoming colleagues from the Migrinter Research Centre at the University of Poitiers to discuss different aspects of migration in the Mediterranean borderzone, which sadly has been very much in the news again this weekend.

All are very welcome to join the workshop and attendance is free of charge. Since spaces will be limited (and to get rough numbers for catering), please contact the main organiser Emile Chabal (emile.chabal@gmail.com) by 27 April if you are interested in attending for some or all of the day.

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Event as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival:

Wednesday April 15th


Main Hall, Summerhall

The independence debate was a huge event in Scottish history. It got the nation thinking, and talking. Explore the debate with representatives from both the yes and no campaigns as (mis?)represented by social media and uncovered using big data analytics. Data scientist Dr Daniel Winterstein analyses the myriad conversations from across Twitter to reveal patterns about our country and community and explores how a big important debate plays out in the modern world where everyone has a voice.

We’ll follow the debate through key events as it gains momentum towards the day of the vote then look at the ongoing reverberations. Along the way we’ll see the computing, mathematical and linguistic techniques that allow us to distil meaning from millions of messages and examine how social media interacts with society and politics. If you’re on Twitter, register your account online at sodash.com/indyref for a personal report as part of this event that will analyse your tweets against those of the nation in the referendum campaign period.


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Dr Raymond Taras, a professor of politics at Tulane University and currently a visiting fellow at the University of Sussex, will speak on:

‘Scapegoating strangers’: Contemporary politics of fear and hypopsia in Europe

Date and Time: 14th April 2015 13:00 – ­ 14:30
Location: S37, 7 George Square

An abstract of the talk is available here.

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The following Summer School seems very interesting:

June 28 to July 5, 2015
Center for Comparative Conflict Studies at the Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK),

Singidunum University, Belgrade

The Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies provides a learning opportunity for students interested in study and analysis of societies in and post-conflict. Interdisciplinary in its nature, drawing from the fields of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Law and International Relations, the Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies provides students with an interactive learning experience utilizing frontal lectures and class discussions focusing on comparative conflict analysis of different case studies.


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The University of Edinburgh’s Ethnicity, Nationalism and National Identity Network (ENNIN), in association with the Historical and Comparative Sociology Study Group of the British Sociological Association are hosting a two-day conference entitled “Nations, history and comparison: a conference on historical sociology and the study of nationalism”. This conference is part of the 50- year anniversary of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, and will be held Thursday and Friday, May 14-15, 2015.

The conference aims at providing a stimulating environment to exchange ideas and build networks in a welcoming setting that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and approaches. One of the great strengths of historical sociology and the study of nationalism is the breadth of the fields and perspectives that they encompass, and we encourage submissions from all angles and topics which might fall within the frame of historical sociology or the study of nationalism.

Free registration. Link for registration: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conference-nations-history-and-comparison-a-conference-on-historical-sociology-and-the-study-of-tickets-16496464369

Conference program

Day 1: 14th of May 2015

9 –9.30am Foyer

Opening speech: Professor Umut Ozkirimli (Lund University)

9.50– 10.45am Seminar Room 3


10.45– 11am Foyer

Panel session 1: Nationalism discourses

11am– 12.30pm Seminar Room 3

Lunch Break

12.30 – 1.30pm Foyer (Sandwiches and drinks will be provided)

Panel session 2: Nationalism, violence and power

1.30– 3pm Seminar Room 3

Knowledge  Café

3–4.15pm Practice Suite, Room 1.12

 Panel session 3: Disintegration and decolonisation

  4.30 – 5.45pm Practice Suite, Room 1.12

 Brass Monkey Cinema, Film TBC

 Day 2: 15th of May 2015

Panel session 4: Revising history; various approaches

9 -10.30am Seminar Room 3


10.30– 10.45am Foyer

Guided discussion on methods

10.45am – 12pm Seminar Room 3

Lunch Break

12 – 1pm

Panel session 5: Democratisation

1 – 2:30 pm Seminar Room 3


2:30‐3pm Foyer

Panel Discussion on Researching Nationalism in Scotland

3‐4pm Seminar Room 3

Closing speech: Professor Jonathan Hearn (University of Edinburgh)

4 – 5pm Seminar Room 3

Wine reception

5–6pm Foyer



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Registration is now open for the ASEN 2015 Conference. You can register here.


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The Convention, sponsored by the Harriman Institute, will be held at Columbia University, New York, on April 23-25, 2015.

The Convention boasts the most international lineup of panelists of North American-based conventions, with more than half of the 400+ scholars delivering papers, more than half currently based outside of the United States in nearly 50 countries. More than 750 panelists and participants are expected at the Convention. The program features 160 panels, including the screening of 12 new documentaries that will be announced later. For a glimpse of last year’s film lineup, which included Watchers of the Sky, Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, Putin’s Games, and Ukraine is not a Brothel, go here.

The Convention offers an exceptionally strong lineup of panels in all regions of the former Communist world and Eurasia: Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia/Turkey-Greece/China, the Balkans, Ukraine/Belarus and Central Europe (including the Baltics and Moldova). The Balkans and Central Europe sections are the largest, with 24 and 23 panels respectively, on par with Russia and the Caucasus—23, Ukraine (and Belarus)—13, Central Asia/China/Turkey/Greece—a combined 19, Nationalism Studies—17 and the new Migration section—7 panels.

The registration form can be downloaded here. For registration information, please contact Registration Manager Kelsey Davis (asnreg2015@gmail.com). For general convention information, please contact ASN Executive Director Ryan Kreider (rk2780@columbia.edu, 212 854 2514)**

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NEW BOOK: Helmut Kohl’s Quest for Normality

MSc in Nationalism Studies graduate, Christian Wicke, has just published a new and important book which understands the former German chancellor, Helmut Kohl, as a case study of personal nationalism:

It is our pleasure to announce the recent publication of Helmut Kohl’s Quest for Normality, by Christian Wicke.

This book takes a biographical approach to the study of nationalism by examining its manifestation in Helmut Kohl and the way he historicized Germany’s past.

We encourage you to take advantage of a limited time 50% discount offer available with the code HI50, entered at checkout on our website and valid until April 30th.

This is the initial hardback library edition; should you wish to ensure that your library include Helmut Kohl’s Quest for Normality in its collection, please find a link to a library recommendation form for your convenience here.

For further details on this title or any other from Berghahn Books, please visit http://www.berghahnbooks.com.


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